Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains answers to common questions about the project. If you do not see your question listed please let us know on GitLab.

How do I enable the EPBSD repository?

Please refer to the Getting Started page to start using our repository.

What branch and architectures are supported?

Only the amd64 architecture for the -current branch. amd64 was chosen as it is the dominant architecture today and has he most readily available hardware. If packages are needed for other architectures feel free to open an issue and let us know. Any volunteers to help with the other architectures is also welcome.

What porting process is followed?

Ports provided by the EPBSD team follow the official porting guidelines from the OpenBSD team. This includes sharing patches with the upstrema projects if they are not platform specific.

Are packages signed?

Yes. Packages are signed using signify in the same manner as official packages. You can find the public key on the Getting Started page.

Are checksums provided?

Yes. See the SHA256 file in the repository for all file hashes.

How often are packages built?

Currently about once a week unless there is a security update for a package.

What if a package breaks an official package/port?

Let us know via the ports issue tracker and we will work to resolve the issue. While care is taken to test ports before submission it is not reasonable to expect every possible combination of ports be reviewed. Rather than hold back port versions we prefer to work on getting everything up to date if possible. Rollbacks or port rejections are a last resort if an issue cannot be resolved.

In some cases this may simply be the broken application needing to be updated, or made aware of a change in one of their dependencies. Please ensure any listed MAINTAINER is aware of the dependency update, or an issue filed with the applicable project.

How can I help?

We welcome all contributors of any skill level. See the Contribution Guide for more information.